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Meditation Teacher Training

Accredited Meditation Teacher Training.
Train with award winning Meditation Master Teacher Fiona Partridge.
Training normally takes place on a one to one basis on either a Friday or Saturday to suit our mutual diaries 9.45am - 3.30pm

Buddha Close Up

Meditation Teacher

Soothing Bell

Meditation Master Teacher

Gain the knowledge to achieve peace and help others attain tranquility

Meditating has been proven to benefit not only physical, but emotional and mental well-being. Allow the participant to become a more healthy person of whole.
During the course you will undertake multiple guided meditations, as well as produce your own meditation.

Please be aware this is a Teaching Certificate, this entitles you to teach others how to meditate. It does not entitle you to teach others to teach

Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 8 Hours 

Independent Learning Hours (ILH): 10 Hours

Qualification Number: ISJ/23/22/05

Commit yourself to living a peaceful way, and pass this knowledge onto others

Enhancing your knowledge of Meditation and take the final step that will allow you to teach others to teach.
This course will enhance your career above your peers and allow you to offer a high quality service to Clients and Students alike.

Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 8 Hours 

Independent Learning Hours (ILH) 23 Hours

Qualification Number: ISJ/23/22/11

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