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The Telephone of The Wind

England's first registered Telephone of The Wind
Inner Spiritual Journey are proud custodians of England's first registered Telephone of The Wind

What is The Telephone of The Wind?

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The original Wind Telephone in Otsuchi Japan.

Picture source: Wikipida

The original Phone of the Wind originated in Japan by its creator Itaru Sasaki, while grieving his cousin who had died from cancer. He purchased an old fashioned telephone booth and set it up in his garden. 

Within the booth was an old obsolete rotary telephone that had no connections or wires to any "earthly systems". 

Within this space Itaru felt a continued connection to his loved one and discovered comfort and healing amid his grief as he spoke to the Universe and relayed his messages.

Itaru gave the booth a name:

Kaze No Denawa

The Telephone of The Wind.

Welcoming mourners to visit the telephone to make "calls" to their friends, relatives and loved ones, to allow a space whereby they can say what is needed to be said, to share the news that they'd have told their departed relation or to simply say a final goodbye. 

The telephone is simply a sacred mindful space that facilitates the mourner to be reconnected with the one they love and miss so dearly.

Inner Spiritual Journey's telephone is available to all Clients and Students free of charge. We do have a donation box next to the telephone and we will make regular donations to local grief charities.


Our telephone is dedicated in the memory of Jonner and all those who have passed and left a unfillable void.

Close to our telephone there is a dedication book for you to record your loved ones name.

As the telephone is within the grounds of a private property it is not available for public access.  

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