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Policies and Legal Information

Ensure you are aware of our Policies

New Bookings

All new bookings of Treatments are subject to a non refundable 15% booking fee. This charge is applied at the time of booking, and payment must be made prior to booking.

Cancellation / Failure to attend

If any Client fails to give more than 24 hours notice of their intent not to attend their appointment, the full cost of the treatment will be invoiced.

If failure to pay the invoice occurs, it will be passed onto a Recovery Agency.

Client Information

All Client’s records are recorded on an online secure database, this includes medical information, case notes and personal information. Written consent is obtained prior to any initial appointment in order for us to hold this information.

All information stored is specifically in relation to your appointments. All records are accessible by Clients at any given time. Please write to us at the address below and allow 7 working days for response.

Public / Practitioner safety

CCTV monitoring camera's operate externally and internally at The Retreat. Please review our CCTV policy for scope information. 

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