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Accredited Training in all levels of traditional Usui Reiki.

Train with award winning Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Fiona Partridge.
Training normally takes place on a one to one basis on either a Friday or Saturday to suit our mutual diaries 9.45am - 3.30pm

Energy Healing

Level One Reiki
First Degree

Reiki Treatment

Level Two Reiki
Second Degree

Image by Ave Calvar

Master Teacher Reiki
Third (a/b) Degree

Begin your Journey

Reiki One begins your lifelong journey as you become familiar with Reiki Energy, Chakra systems, basic anatomy and physiology and how to support yourself and others with the gentle flow of Reiki Energy.

Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 7 Hours

Qualification Number: ISJ/23/22/01

Continue your Journey

Reiki Two continues your Journey as you deepen your knowledge of the Ancient Art of Energy Healing. 
Allowing you to Practice Reiki on others and begin your new career.
As you begin to command the power of the three main Symbols, you will grow within your Power.

Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 8 Hours

Independent Learning Hours (ILH): 14 Hours

Qualification Number: ISJ/23/22/02

The final step on your Journey

Reiki Master is the final step along your Journey, although you never stop expanding your Reiki knowledge.
Receiving the final Master Symbol, you will hold all the knowledge required to Teach others the ancient art of Reiki.

Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 8 Hours

Independent Learning Hours (ILH) 20 Hours

Qualification Number: ISJ/23/22/03

Image by Jeremy Yap

Reiki Refresher Training

Reconnect with the ancient Energy Healing

Refresh your knowledge of the ancient art of Reiki. 
Reaffirming your connection with the Energy flow, Chakra Centres and how to support yourself and others.
During this training session you will receive a Reiju Blessing

Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 6 Hours

Qualification Number: ISJ23/22/04

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